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We curate & trade designart.


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We curate & trade designart!

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer’s services focus on the search for, issue and sale of limited editions by the most remarkable emerging designers, operating as a platform for development supported by an international exhibition program. Since the gallery’s inception in 2008, the collection has grown throughout all object typologies, representing a carefully curated collection of cutting-edge contemporary design.

We understand “designart” as the gray zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual art, installation, and many other arts, but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use— developed and manufactured with the utmost care.

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Victor Hunt Gallery

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We are sometimes closed, when we are not there.
During temporary exhibitions, we are more often there, Friday's & Saturday's 12 — 18h.
To be sure we are open when you are there, call or write first.

Emile Claus 51, B-1050 Brussels

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Victor Hunt Warehouse

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Trawoollaan 2 - 5, B-1830 Machelen

+32 494 222 437

Alexis Ryngaert

curator, director & founder

+32 494 222 437

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

We curate & trade designart.

Tomás Alonso, the vaalbeek project

Tomás Alonso,
the vaalbeek project

The Vaalbeek project salon setting is a foretaste to the Vaalbeek house, a project which includes an in depth refurbishment of a modest forest edge house in Belgium with an interior entirely redesigned by Tomás Alonso. The aim is to rival historic overall homes and elevate it into a true contemporary setting realized through Tomás's meticulous and extensive custom tailored designs. Tomás' method can be summed up as an intelligent morphological synthesis of a technicist type, his own line of elegant, linear and poetic objects, focused on functionality and materiality as absolute values turned into full interiors. The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects and interiors reveal the expressive potential of materials, his main source of inspiration, conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his work universal and transgenerational.